What Are MREs (Meals, Ready To Eat)

These are meals that are ready to eat, and they are self-contained, complete meals. When talking about MRE, we are not talking about your ordinary snaked food such as your favorite chocolate, biscuits, and others; even though they come with desserts. MRE packages are designed in such a way they can withstand exposure to tough elements as well as rough conditions. In an MRE pack or bag, you will get many different foods and drinks as well as an entrée.

The packages come packed in cases, and each case has 12 different MRE. Today, they are available in 24 different varieties. MREs are the main operational meal for the U.S. Armed Forces.

You can find a list of components used to make a particular MRE on the MRE’s Menu. Military MRE components are changed every few years, with the aim of improving their product. For this reason, you will find different menu list every year. Generally, Each MRE Has the Following:

• The Entrée: This is the main course, and it includes foods such as Beef stew, spaghetti, etc.
• Side Dish: A side dish goes hand in hand with the entrée, and includes, potatoes, fruits, corn, rice, etc.
• Dessert: It includes cookies, cake, etc.
• Bread or Cracker
• The Spread: it contains cheese, jelly, peanut, etc.
• Beverages: it does also include drinks such as coffee, tea, etc.
• Accessories: it includes chewing gum, salt, sugar, creamer, matches, spoon, etc.

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