All About The MRE Bag Design

Meals ready to eat or MREs were introduced to the United States Military in 1981. The original MRE bag had a simple design and brown in color. The bag underwent two major changes and several minor ones since then. The first major change happened in 1996 where the color of the bag was changed from dark brown to a tan color. A new graphic was introduced at the same time. The second major update occurred in 2008 where three new graphics were introduced while the color remained unchanged. In 2001, two notices were added to the bag such as:

  • US Government Property
  • Commercial Resale is Unlawful

Then in 2003, another new notice was added to the bag:

  • Flameless Heaters Are Prohibited On Passenger Airlines – Unless They Are Sealed In The Original MRE Menu Bag

Each year, The DSCP or the Defense Supply Center in Philadelphia publishes a new set of specifications for the packaging and production of the MRE bag. These specifications are known as ACRs or Assembly Contract Requirements. In fact, inside the ACR, there is a design of how the new MRE bag should look like. The above read offers information on the MRE bag design. If you would like to know where you can buy meals ready to eat, you may like this article Where You Can Buy Ready To Eat Meals.

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