The History Of Civilian MREs

Ever since evolution or creation (whichever you believe) man has faced many natural disasters, which all pulled humanity to another level. As such, ever since the introduction of military grade MREs, there has been a steady demand for civilian MREs. The demand skyrocketed when Tsunami and later Hurricane Katrina arrived. The fact is that military grade MREs are an excellent choice for this kind of situations, but the companies that are making them are not allowed to sell the product to the general public.

The first civilian MRE to hit the market was around the year 1999. Back then, only two companies in the world (Wornick and Sopakco) produced civilian MREs. Wornick offered the “Mil-spec” brand, while Sopakco had two brands on the market named ”M-Packed” and ”Sure-Pak 12”. By the end of 2001, after Y2K had inspired the rush to stock up on food and other emergency supplies, Wornick stopped production of civilian MREs. On the other hand, Sopakco stopped the production of their “M-Packed” brand, leaving only Sure-Pak 12 as the only and available civilian MRE on the market.

However, after hurricane Katrina, civilian MREs market increased, and now there are many more companies that are producing legitimate, branded civilian Meals Ready to eat. All major manufacturers of military MREs began producing Civilian MREs also.

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